Wednesday, October 10, 2012

O Bar and Dining, Sydney

A certain place in Sydney has taken the mission of serving healthy dining options. "Healthy eating, happy dining" is theme at the new O Bar and Dining restaurant.

O Bar and Dining is Michael Moore's new baby that offers dishes that are amazing in taste but also prepared with health conscious methods. It is located on level 47 (where Summit used to be located) of Australia Square. The setting is very modern and hip. It has the combined urbane vibe of a Tao nightclub in the U.S. and a stylish Hong Kong bar but somewhat laid back. It boasts of a revolving 360 degrees view of Sydney (including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House).

All the dishes are based on recipes in Michael's cookbook called Blood Sugar. The menu showcases healthier versions of dishes that we've come to love over the years but with a healthy twist. O Bar and Dining simplified their dishes by using ingredients that are fresh and good to one's health.
Scorched blood orange
The scorched blood orange is a gin based cocktail that is very tropical & fruity. It contains blood orange, lime, mint etc.
crisp corn taco rack (4)
There are healthy tacos with fillings such as kingfish, prawns, tuna and beef. These versions of tacos are all about bringing out flavours with the right combination of fresh and healthy ingredients. The kingfish with avocado was my favourite.

After our meet and greet session with Michael, fellow food bloggers Helen, Suze, Jacq and I were seated at the dining area. Browsing through the menu was pretty intense. The menu was so extensive and a lot of things sounded so good. Then finally, I was able to make my selections:
Spanner crab cakes & quinoa crust, tahini, lemon yoghurt
Spanner crab cakes & quinoa crust, tahini, lemon yoghurt ($26). I love the idea of using quinoa (which has low glycemic index, high in protein and high in fibre) to crumb the crab cakes. The citrus sour milky taste from the lemon yoghurt compliments the flavourful crab cakes.
rib eye steak 350g & home ground mustard
The rib eye steak 350g & home ground mustard ($49) is amazing! I am very hard to please when it comes to steak but this one won me over.  It was a well-cooked medium rare juicy steak. I really like the fact that they used home ground mustard rather than gravy to give it a healthier approach. This excellent steak didn't even need a condiment but the mustard worked really well with it.
ricotta cheesecake
chocolate tartlets
chocolate torte
Hot chocolate soufflé
Hot chocolate soufflé ($20) with agave ice cream is bliss on a plate. The soufflé is fluffy like clouds. I agree with Helen when she said that it tasted like milo. I love Milo!

Rather than just making food look good, their methods driven by their sense of social responsibility are very admirable. O Bar and Dining's mission to serve flavourful food and promote healthy eating is a refreshing movement in Sydney's food scene.

Ramen Raff was invited to dine at O Bar and Dining as a guest.

O Bar and Dining
47/264 George Street,
Sydney    NSW 2000

Bar open 7 nights - 5pm until late and Wednesday to Friday lunch from 12pm.
Restaurant open 7 nights - from 6pm and Wednesday to Friday lunch from 12pm.
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  1. Looks quite a fantastic night all round. I was quite impressed with the opening night and I'm glad to see the sit-down dinner looks just as good.

  2. Haven't tried O bar yet but I love the rotating view up there. So pretty at night.

  3. Loved the tacos and I think that souffle was possible one of the best I have ever had! Good to see you again, Raff!

  4. Wow, everything looks awesome!

  5. What a great idea for dining! I've been include more healthier options at my at home cooking lately but find it difficult to find a healthy restaurant with awesome food... You may have solved my problem ;)

  6. Looks fantastic! I definitely need to visit. I love that their menu is healthy, while still being creative and full of flavour :)

  7. Sounds like such a great idea - yummy food but better for you (and I'm please to see that Gin makes it onto the healthy list)!


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